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teZa Lord

Spiritual activist, student of consciousness, teZa (pronounced teZ'-ahh) enjoys communing with Oneness, the connectedness of All in existence. For the last decade she's explored this at her blog: Lordflea.com. Now she's writing books sharing this journey, embracing Oneness. Lord is devoted to uplifting others through her art & writing and any other way of expressing Love and compassion. A lifelong inward as well as worldly seeker, her first book, "We Are ONE" is about a visionary meditation on Oneness. Her second is a nonfiction narrative: "In the I".

Dear Reader, All of us have the key to Oneness within our own Self. My work, whether writing or arting, is about helping others to walk through the gateway of their Big Hearts, so all may experience true serenity. Understand that Love is the weapon of mass illumination. My work encourages people to experience Compassionate Love everywhere -- via compelling, illuminating, true-life stories. Everyone has the birthright to experience Oneness. I'd like to gift you an audial introduction to Oneness. See below. Thanks for your support! LoveAlways, teZa