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teZa Lord

Spiritual activist, artist, writer, student of consciousness, teZa (pronounced teZ'-ahh) enjoys communing with Oneness, the connectedness of all in existence. Exploring this by blogging (Lordflea.com) she's now writing books sharing the spiritual journey. Lord is devoted to uplifting others through her arting & writing (of all kinds) and her simple ways of expressing Love. A lifelong inward and worldly seeker, today her published work is about -- We Are ONE -- the title of her first book, a visionary meditation on Oneness.

Dear Reader, Now that I have found the key to Oneness within myself, I want others to walk with me, through the gateway of their Big Heart, so all may understand that Love is the weapon of mass illumination. My work encourages people to experience Compassionate Love -- everywhere -- via compelling, illuminating, true-life stories. It is everyone's birthright to experience Oneness. Leave your email here and receive a guided-by-me audial introduction to Oneness, in appreciation. Thanks! All love, teZa